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Locally Raised All Natural Black Angus Beef - By The Side

What’s a Side?

A "side" is the result of dividing a steer into two equal lengthwise parts. Each side of beef has a whole rump, whole round, whole loin and complete set of ribs. Typically a side of meat will produce about one third hamburger meat, one third beef steaks, rib roasts and filets, and one third will be stew, rump, round and chuck which can be cut into steaks or roasts. {See a diagram of the cuts}

Why Buy a Side from Oakland Green?

Our beef hangs for at least 20 days. This hang time is also called "dry aging." During this time the meat’s natural enzymes act as a tenderizer and add flavor to the meat. After your side of beef completes its dry-aging process the meat is then custom cut to the cuts you prefer, vacuum wrapped, labeled and frozen. Dry aging takes time and requires that freezers be carefully monitored for precise temperatures and requires extra labor. Grocery store meat is normally “wet aged.” Wet aged meat is sent from the processor to butchers in vacuum packaging where it is simply set aside in a refrigerator and aged in its own juices. Dry aging allows the meat to develop a much more intense flavor.

Additionally, we raise our cattle responsibly. We guarantee that the beef your are eating has been raised humanly and in a natural environment. "Happy cows" don't just come California - they're in our back yard here in Virginia!

What Do You Need to Know?

Our sides range from 200-300 pounds (bearing in mind this is hanging weight – about 20% is lost between hanging and “cut and wrapped” weight after trimming fat and "skinning" from the result of the dry aging process). It’s enough meat to necessitate a dedicated freezer – a side will approximately half-fill a full-sized chest freezer or more with larger sides. For people with large families, this is a very economical way to provide healthy meat for an entire year. For smaller clans, you may wish to partner with someone to split a side – maybe you know a friend or family member who might be interested.. If you can't find a partner, let us know – we usually have a list of people looking.

The animals go for processing to Horst Meats (a USDA federally inspected and approved facility) in Hagerstown, Maryland, in late winter depending on when we can get an appointment. The carcasses hang for 21 days and are ready for your pickup at Horst after processing. If you would like to order a side, please give us a call or email. You will be asked to fill out a "cut-sheet" (don't worry, we can guide you). This would indicate how to custom cut your side: choice of thickness of steaks, how many pounds of ground meat per package, size in pounds of roasts, etc.

Horst Meats in Hagerstown, Maryland

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