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The Farm - A History

in Winter
The house in Winter

The original Fairfax deed is still in possession of the family. It is dated 1741 from Thomas Lord Fairfax to Richard Brown.

~ Richard Brown built the log portion probably in the early 1730's;

~ His son, Henry (1720-1801) constructed the stone wing in the 1740's;

~ His son, John (1749-1828) built the brick addition in the 1790's;

~ His son, Nathan (1783-1821) added the porches on the front & back;

~ His son, William (1818-1900) whose portrait hangs in the parlor, built the barns and added one of the first bathrooms in the county;

~ His son, Joshua (1857-1946) added a kitchen (since replaced) and heat;

~ His daughter, Helen (1893-1970) planted many of the trees and shrubs;

~ Her nephew, William Holmes Brown (1929-2001, grandson of Joshua) restored the log portion and replaced the kitchen wing in 1978; also put in pool house

~ His daughter, Sara (1974- ) built her own cottage on the property in 2001

~ Her daughter, Hannah Rose (2006- ) has a long line of shoes to fill

Memorial Trees

Large spruce were planted circa 1880 by Bill's grandmother to protect the house from the north wind. Several trees have been planted in commemoration of a special event or person. Small willow oak in front yard planted on the occasion of Jane Brown Gemmill's 90th birthday. Coming from the public road up the driveway, several trees were planted to memorialize deceased family members. Another willow oak tree was planted by Bill and Nicholas Lord Fairfax in 1992 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Oakland Green being in the same family (eight generations). Photographs of Lord Fairfax and Bill spading in the dirt are in the parlor.


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